Today we finally got some direction on what we’re supposed to be doing and what they’re looking for. I can honestly say that I will be doing tricks that I never thought I would do in my life, but if that’s what is needed to make the movie right, then that’s what I’ll do. We were able to come up with some pretty neat looking sequences, but the character is quite goofy so we had to add some moves that portray that.

The day started off with us getting a call at 7:15 saying the director wants to see you now. So we rushed upstairs to find that he had gone to talk with the principal actor about what they were looking for. We sat around for an hour or so before finally talking with him, but it certainly helped fill in a lot of holes for us. We now have the routine laid out and the next couple of days will have us working on perfecting it for the day of the shoot.

We did have a quite hilarious situation happen today (it wasn’t funny at the time, but has become quite funny in retrospect). We were told that the 2 kids of the main characters would be our turners for the scene we’re doing. We took them down to the fitness center to start teaching them to turn, we got kicked out because they were too young. We went up to the kids play area and practiced in one of the rooms. As we were practicing, one of the other jumpers did a handstand, right before he came down a little girl turned and ran behind him. I’m sure you can imagine what happened. He came down right on top of her and kicked her in the head.

As soon as this happened everyone froze. One of the ladies picked her up and took her out of the room as she was crying pretty hard. Thankfully he really didn’t land on her too hard, but it’s always scary to see that happen. The funny part is when one of the ladies said, “do you know who that is?” We were like, no. She said that was the most famous 4 year old in the world, and told us the parents. At dinner we recounted the story to another cast member and we laughed at the thought that here was one of the most well known kids in the world, and you just kicked her in the face. One of those moments to remember for life.

We’ve been having a great time so far, we’re on call to show the director everything tomorrow morning to make sure it fits exactly what he wants. I’m going to ride the artificial wave machine tonight as this is the only time it’s open for the cast. Tomorrow 4,000 people get on the ship and it will be quite a bit more crowded on here.

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