I am going to try and give a running commentary of what’s going on everyday I’m here on this movie shoot. I got a last minute call yesterday and hopped on a flight to Florida. I got in around midnight and the production put me up in the Hilton (which was quite nice) and then I headed over to the pier. We found out as we were driving that we are scheduled to film on the Allure, the largest (and newest) cruise ship in the world. This is where things went not so great for a while.

We got in and we (myself, one of the doubles, and the “technical advisor”) were no where to be found on the ships manifest. We gave our information to the extremely friendly ladies at the desk and sat down. This is where the waiting began. We did some brain teasers, practiced a few things, wandered a bit and still…we waited. After 3.5 hours they finally decided that we could get on the ship as guests and they’d figure our cabins out later. We headed up to the production office, sat for a bit as they tried to figure stuff out and then they said we should just wander a bit.

We went down to the filming area and watched a bit as they were filming a couple takes for the movie, I met the publicist for the film and talked to a few other random folks. We grabbed some lunch, and after finishing up they told us they had figured out our room situation so we went down and got our key-cards. Thankfully all that is behind us, but I still have no clue what on earth I’m supposed to be doing for the shoot and who is supposed to be turning.

Meanwhile, as I’m here to do whatever they need, and currently they don’t need anything, I’m left to wander and explore this monstrous ship. I do have to make a quick note that it is not a boat. I’ve already been corrected 10 times or so by various staff, it is a ship. This thing is massive, to say the least. It’s really cool being on it today as it’s not officially open yet so the only people running around are crew and production people. There are supposed to be 4,000 or so passengers boarding tomorrow so then it will be a bit crazy.

That’s all for now. I’m going to cruise around some more and hopefully figure out what and when I’m jumping. The sacrifices I make for jump rope.

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