Today was a lot of fun and really frustrating at the same time. First off, we showed the director what we had come up with, he stopped us half-way through and told me I wasn’t doing my character properly. I haven’t seen my character at all so I was hoping for some direction on how they act. I got a rough idea from the director and another guy, but was still not comfortable with knowing what to do. I made a point of finding one of the guys who was doubling the character in the film and met up with him to get an idea what I was supposed to do. That was the greatest idea of all time.

After an hour of working through our routine with the double and lots of advice, I finally figured out what the look and feel for the part is supposed to be. Granted it could change last minute when I get to the actual shooting day, but at least I’ve got a great starting point. We have run into a hiccup as they keep changing their minds on whether they want the kids in the movie to turn, or if we have other people doing so. Obviously turning is huge in Double Dutch so we’ve been pushing for good turners the entire time. They made a decision this morning to allow us to bring on one more turner, the only problem, the boat (errr…excuse me, ship) needs 48 hours to screen any oncoming passengers so the earliest they could join us would be Sunday. We may be shooting tomorrow which has created a turning hole that is quite a problem.

We found one of the fitness instructors on the ship to give it a go and she did a great job having never turned before. The main issue with her has been that she is working on the ship and doesn’t have much time off. Things are quite tricky until Sunday.

The big downer for the day is that I jammed a finger doing a jump and it keeps growing and swelling as the day goes on. We shall see how it looks in the morning, but it’s never a good problem especially with make-up and wardrobe trying to make sure we look as close to the main characters as possible. Speaking of wardrobe, I got my outfit today. It is quite outrageous and very over the top, but that’s what the movie is all about. My character is outrageous and goofy and…well, let’s just say that it’s been interesting taking the routine and morphing in the attitude of the character.

That’s all for now, we’re having a great time and are on call for anytime as we have no idea when we’ll be shooting our scene. Ok, bye!

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