When things go wrong for me, they seem to go wrong at a large scale. Friday was my day off and I had a flight scheduled to Grand Rapids, which I was expecting to go nice and smooth, a good change from driving everywhere. As it turns out there was a big snow storm forecast for the Cleveland, OH/Michigan area (amongst others) and things didn’t go to plan…at all.
I was on my way to the airport in Cleveland when the airline called and told me that my flight had been cancelled. Alicia and I decided to drive to Detroit and hopefully I could catch the next stage of my itinerary. After arriving in Detroit, I checked in, went to my gate and sat around waiting. After quite a delay, they announced that my flight had been cancelled due to snow and they were putting us on a bus to Grand Rapids. This was the first time I took a bus instead of a flight and boy was it slow. Due to the 12 inches of snow fall, we ended up driving 31 MPH the entire way to Grand Rapids for a total of 5 hours. Long and boring, especially when it was supposed to be a 50 minute flight. After finally getting there, I had to sit around the airport until 3 AM waiting on my luggage. I got to my hotel about 4 AM and had to get up at 8 to make it to my show at 10.
The shows in Battle Creek went great, with over 800 people braving the weather. I headed back up to my hotel and walked into my room to find…everything was gone! I called the front desk and found out that they thought I had checked out and the housekeeper had taken all my stuff. Unfortunately, the housekeeper had left and they didn’t know where my stuff had been taken to. I went to bed, got up the next morning and went to my Easter shows. The hotel called me while I was setting up and they said they had found all my stuff, whew. Anyway, I did the shows and got out of there just in time to catch my flight…one problem, I still had to go get my clothes. I went as fast as possible and grabbed the bag and headed to the airport. After a quick fill up and packing job, I dropped off my rental car and checked in. The airline was nice enough to upgrade me to first class and off to Cleveland I went.
At least the trip back went smoothly. I got into Cleveland and drove down to West Virginia for a show that I had Monday. What a crazy weekend. I’m in Pennsylvania right now and am looking forward to finally getting some sleep.

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