I performed at a high school in Akron, OH yesterday. I don’t do a lot of high school programs, but I always enjoy them when I get the opportunity. I guess it’s a hard sell to convince a principal that their students would enjoy a jump rope program, understandably of course. Oddly enough, I had 2 high schools this week and one middle school so it was an interesting mix along with the 4 grade schools I performed at. I received a really nice message from a student last night and I thought I’d put it up here.
Hello, I am one of the students at ## High School in Akron, OH. I just wanted to tell you that I thought the show was very cool. The unicycle stunt with the girl on your shoulders was amazing. I was just wondering… When you ask for a volunteer for that, do you look for the smallest girl possible? Well you did a great job, it was by far one of the best assemblies i have been to at the school.

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