When you eat out every meal the goal eventually becomes…find something different. In this hunt you will find some good places and some bad ones. Normally it’s just mediocre most of the time, as was the case last night. The food was good (the meatballs I ate were homemade and really good), not fantastic, not terrible, but it had a cool staircase. They had a really cool winding staircase that you took to get down to the restaurant. We ended up sitting underneath a doorbell that rung everytime someone wanted to check into the attached hotel. I took a picture of the sign they had above the staircase and posted it below.
Anyway, I’m aiming to get a bunch of work done on the Double Dutch video this weekend. I’ve only got a couple small sections left to edit. My goal is to get the DVD menus mostly completed. We’ll see. The muffler on our car cracked yesterday and we need to get that fixed tomorrow. Have a good weekend!

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