After quite a few weeks of nothing but snow, we have headed south and it’s nice to finally see the ground (though everything is dead and ugly). I love the look of snow and I love being in it, the tough part has been…driving. Driving in the snow is definitely not the safest of things to do and we’ve had our share of close calls due to some icy roads and the fact that we’re pulling a trailer. We are currently in central Illinois and we’ll be here for another week (the lone exception being Monday where we’ll be performing in Kenosha, WI to make up for a snow day they had). It’s nice to not have to worry about skidding out due to a lack of traction!
Today we were driving into a school in Atlanta, IL when we saw a giant statue of Paul Bunyan. This wasn’t just any statue, this one was holding a gigantic Hot Dog! That’s right, I was so impressed that we went back after the show and I took a couple pictures in front of it with my unicycle. Ahh…the things you see on the road.

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