I have one show left before the end of this week. This is probably one of the rarest weeks that I’ve had because I was scheduled to perform in the same city 4 days in a row. Of course due to weather (plenty of snow and ice) 3 shows were cancelled yesterday and I got another unexpected day off. Today I’m in Niles, MI where I had a program this morning for grades 3-5 and will have one after lunch for K-2. I got to enjoy a rather fantastic school lunch (it was an italian wrap that was quite tasty) and am sitting around waiting for the second program to begin.
This week has been in rather stark contrast to my normal schedule of 2-3 cities per day. That’s right, I’m normally in more than one city every day and next week will be just that. It makes for plenty of driving and not much sleep, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Have a great weekend, I’ll be working on the Double Dutch video as I have plenty of work that needs to be done on that.

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