Exciting news! We just launched a new website (sister or brother site depending on your bent). This website has been in the works for a while and it’s purpose is to make all of our instructional videos available in a streaming fashion. Jump Rope Secrets is now your source for the best in rope skipping instruction. Streaming? What’s that? Basically, we have taken every video we’ve ever created and put them in the cloud. You can access the videos from your phone, tablet or computer anywhere you are (assuming you have an internet connection). Hop on over and sign up for a Silver account for free and check out some videos to get an idea of what we’re talking about. Oh yeah, when we say everything, we mean everything.

We have available every second from our Single Rope Skills DVD (over 3 hours), Double Dutch and Chinese Wheel (Over 7.5 hours), Revolve, Frozen (in High Definition, so even better quality than the DVD), along with every episode of the videoKast. We have also started adding fitness posts where you can hear from Peter about various ideas related to your jump rope training. Soon we will also start adding brand new videos as we produce them.

The idea is that we no longer want to spend a year creating a new DVD (we can film it in a couple days, but editing it with our busy travel schedule can take months). Everything will be uploaded as we produce new content and everything going forward will be shot and distributed in High Definition. We’ve never had any of our materials available in HD since the production cost of printing blu-ray disks (and the fact that most of our material was originally shot in SD) was a bit steep.

Jump on over and check it out. We still have all our videos available in DVD format if you would prefer to purchase the disks. Sometimes it’s great to have physical copies. We just wanted to make an option that gives you access wherever you are. See you over on the new site!

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