**We are not currently offering our Virtual Assembly Program since most schools are allowed to have in-person programs. Please contact us to schedule an in-person jump rope assembly program today!

Due to the Covid-19 situation, numerous schools are looking into virtual school assembly programs. The Rope Masters are excited to offer our popular program in a unique way! Exciting rope skipping action, audience participation (from home) & a motivational message! This program is geared for students of all ages. See Pricing Below

We still offer our in-person school assembly program if you would prefer a live show!

peter nestler virtual school assembly program

Our Virtual School Assembly is now available!

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Peter’s live jump rope assembly is often ranked as the top program to ever visit a school. Comments like this one from Heather in Glenshaw, PA are heard all over the world:

“This is such an excellent assembly that was presented in a unique way that kept every student fully engaged. Peter was able to reinforce his message of having a strong work ethic through sharing his experiences and jump rope tricks. This was one of the best assemblies ever!

You can read more reviews by checking out our references section.

Since most schools are not meeting in person right now (and if they are, whole school assemblies are not happening) it’s time to think of things differently. Peter has taken his jump rope and unicycling into the digital realm with his first ever virtual school assembly program. While he has had an online video presence for years (youtube, jump rope secrets), Peter’s live show has been one of his favorite passions.

What Does our 45 minute Virtual Jump Rope School Assembly Include?

Jump Roping!

Peter is a 7-Time World Champion jump rope master and has broken 12-Guinness World Records! Our virtual show includes demonstrations of rope skipping from easy to hard. Single rope, Double Dutch, Chinese Wheel and more!


Peter is a Guinness World Records holder for jumping rope on a unicycle. Our show demos different types of skills that can be done on a unicycle and is capped off with Peter jumping rope on one.

Freestyles & Glow Ropes & Bears

The highlights of Peter’s show has always been his freestyle and Glow Rope routine. We couldn’t leave that out of our virtual assembly and they make a great finale to the online experience. The assembly was filmed in Alaska and bears are everywhere…however we were not able to get one to ride a unicycle on camera so we decided to not include one in this assembly. Watch Madagascar 3.

Audience Participation

Engaging your students at home (or in the classroom) under the current Covid-19 environment means we need to get them moving whenever possible. In our virtual school assembly, Peter encourages your students to get up and jump with him! We want them to do more than stare at a screen. Yes, they will be excited by what they see. We want to help them get active with one of the best activities out there. Plus it can be done at home with little (and even no) equipment.

Motivational Message

Attitude is one of the keys to being a champion. Featured throughout the virtual assembly is a message that focuses on having the right attitude to overcome challenges. Peter’s story of how he started rope skipping is encouraging to students of all ages. From failing to make his school’s jump rope team to winning 7 consecutive World Championships, his message of practicing hard to achieve will resonate with your students.

Video Q&A!

An optional feature is a Q&A with Peter! This 30 minute session will allow your students to ask any questions they would like to know. After watching the virtual assembly program, your students can submit their questions and Peter will record a custom video for your school answering their queries. The Q&A is a great way to follow up watching the virtual program!

7-Day Access

Your students will have unlimited access to their virtual assembly program for 7 days. They can watch the program as many times as they like during this period. Our video features chapters so they can skip to any part of the assembly that they would like to re-watch. If you choose to have a Q&A session, this will also be available to re-watch during the 7-day period.

Choose Your Start Date

After checkout, you can choose what date your program will begin. You will then have a custom link that can be distributed to your students prior to the assembly week. We’ve made access super easy for your students. All they have to do is click on the assembly link and they are ready to go. If you choose a Q&A session, all videos will be on the same page so you don’t have to remember to send multiple links for different events.

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Virtual School Assembly Program Pricing

What’s IncludedVirtual School Assembly ProgramVirtual School Assembly with Q&A
Unlimited Viewing for 7 Days
Jump Rope
Double Dutch
Chinese Wheel
Glow Ropes
Audience Participation
Motivational Message

Pay What You Can

We understand that not all schools have a budget for virtual programs right now. Or maybe you’re a small school, title 1 school, library, camp, or a home-schooler. If you honestly can’t afford a full-price assembly, we want your students to have the opportunity to watch our program. So we’ve created our Pay What You Can option. Whatever your budget is…that works for us. There is a minimum because we do have certain administrative and streaming costs we have to cover, but we don’t want budget to be the reason your students don’t get to see our virtual jump rope assembly. This option gives you full access to the standard assembly, but does not include the option for a Q&A. Head over to our booking page and select the Pay What You Can Option: input the amount you have in your budget and we are good to go!

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