Virtual School Assembly



**Since most locations are able to have live presentations again, we are not currently offering our Virtual Assembly. Please contact us to have the Rope Masters visit your school in-person!

Detailed Description Available Here

The Virtual Assembly is 45 minutes in length and is pre-recorded. The Q&A is recorded specifically for your school with answers to questions that your students submit. If you would like a virtual assembly that is 100% live, contact us for pricing information. 

Virtual School Assembly Program Pricing

What’s Included Virtual School Assembly Program Virtual School Assembly with Q&A
  $650 $800
7-Day Access
Jump Rope
Double Dutch
Chinese Wheel
Glow Ropes
Audience Participation
Motivational Message

Pay What You Can

We understand that not all schools have a budget for virtual programs right now. Or maybe you’re a small school, camp, or a home-schooler. If you honestly can’t afford a full-price assembly, we want your students to have the opportunity to watch our program. So we’ve created our Pay What You Can option. Whatever your budget is…that works for us. There is a minimum because we do have certain administrative and streaming costs we have to cover, but we don’t want budget to be the reason your students don’t get to see our virtual jump rope assembly.