After a rather cold week in upper Minnesota and Wisconsin (temperatures got all the way up to -5 one day), I’m staying just north of Chicago with an old friend of mine, Alex Rothacker. You may have heard of him because he has an amazing trick dog that’s been seen on almost every tv show (and will finally be on Oprah Jan. 31st if you want to see what his dog can do). We were talking last night about how as a performer you meet some unique characters and boy isn’t that the truth. I’m a jump roper so I’m sure a lot of people think I’m weird, but hey, that’s the fun of it. Tomorrow I’ll be meeting up with another old friend, David Fisher, who is the guy that got me into professional rope jumping. We’re aiming to film an episode of the videoKast with him so you should be able to see him in action. Have a great weekend!

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