It’s been quite some time since I felt 100%. I’ve had a cold and mild flu for the past couple weeks and just haven’t had the time to recuperate. My last day off was Oct. 21st and I’ve been going non-stop since then. Performing when you don’t feel well is always a challenge, especially when you have to do it by yourself. Every morning I have to get up and act excited as I perform 2-3 times for 45 minutes at a whack, it’s tough, but that’s all part of the job. How many careers are there where you just can’t take a sick day, even if you wanted to. This is one, the students expect me to be there and I gotta do it. Thankfully I can relax this weekend and hopefully I’ll finally be able to get better.
The next week and a half I’ll be spending in Dallas so there isn’t as much driving as usual. Oh how I love to not drive.

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