Whenever you are with family, strange things can happen. Last night I met up with my Aunt and Uncle just outside of Sacramento, CA. After eating dinner they informed my wife and I that they were going to a Breast Cancer walk the following morning. Since we had just visited my 92 year old grandmother who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, we thought we would join them. They outfitted us with t-shirts emblazoned with the wording ‘save the ta tas’. We were under the impression that this was the official shirt everyone would be wearing at the event. All decked out in our shirts we headed to the event early this morning in Sacramento only to find out that we were about the only ones wearing these particular shirts. We got quite a few odd looks and a few compliments for our outspoken clothing as we joined in the walk around the capitol. It was really funny and we had a great time out there with the 10,000 or so people that showed up. Whenever you travel there’s no telling what you might end up doing.
This week will be extremely busy as we have 12 schools, 1 church and a boat load of driving. We start in Nevada tomorrow morning, then we’re in California the rest of the week and as soon as we finish up on Friday we have to drive all the way to Dallas, TX before Monday. It’s going to be nuts!

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