I just flew in from a weekend in Mississippi. My wife and I flew down Saturday night and had a program at a church there Sunday evening. It was a blast as we got to perform along with Yancy (a singer that I’ve known for quite some time). The people there were great and we found out that a lot of people from California seem to be trekking out that way. Almost half the people we met had moved there from California, we didn’t see much of the town, but there must be something there that California people like.
Last week was quite grueling as I had a total of 12 shows between Monday and Friday, this week won’t be any kinder as I have 10 between Tuesday and Friday. We start tomorrow in Kansas, Wednesday in Nebraska then finish the week off in Colorado. Now is when we start the real traveling as we head into Utah then Washington, Oregon and California in the following weeks. It’ll be busy, but loads of fun.

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