Do you ever feel that sometimes you’re doing great, but your body doesn’t cooperate? I woke up this morning and felt like everything was going good, I showed up at the school, warmed up and got ready to do the assembly. Right away I noticed something was different, my legs just didn’t want to do what I was asking of them. I fought through the show and got thinking, everything felt like normal, but I wasn’t jumping as smoothly as normal. It finally hit me that I’ve been working myself to the bone (early mornings, late nights and no rest time). My body has started fighting me and is demanding some rest. I haven’t had a day off in the last 3.5 weeks and I think things are finally starting to shut down. Thankfully I don’t have any shows this weekend and I’m going to take a much needed rest, absolutely no exercise for 2 days. Some people might find that rather easy to do, but I’m such an active person, it will probably drive me nuts. Oh well, the sacrifices that need to be made to continue the life of the jump roper.

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