This past week has been quite busy. Monday I performed in South Carolina for the Men’s Health Fit Schools kickoff. As soon as school was out I headed to the airport and flew to Wichita where my wife picked me up. We drove about 2 hours and camped out in some pretty ghetto camp ground. It was an adventure that we’ll never forget.
After 4 hours of sleep we headed to our first school for the day. We had 2 schools that day, then a 5 hour drive to the Oklahoma City area where we had 2 schools yesterday (and a quite rocking lunch I might add) then we drove into OKC for another school today. We’ve got 2 schools in the Sallisaw area before heading home tomorrow night.
For a first week, this was a very fun way to start off our tour. Thankfully we’ll be home for 4 days before heading out for 9 months straight. We’ve found there were a few things we need to take with us for the rest of the tour. That’s all for now, I’ve got to get some sleep before the first show tomorrow morning.

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