Last Friday I performed out in St. Louis and it was a lot of fun. It was the final night of a 3-day mini-camp and the kids were excited. High energy crowds are some of the most fun groups in the world to perform for as they almost channel that energy into my show. I’ve been using this new LED glow rope and I still have problems with it from time to time, Friday was one of those days. When it gets tangled up it takes forever to undo, I probably spent 30 seconds of the routine trying to get the things apart. Thankfully none of the kids noticed, but I almost felt like starting over after that. Live and learn I guess.
Tomorrow is set-up day for the video shoot. I’ll be spending plenty of time getting lights, cameras and microphones put up and tested so we can start filming bright and early on Friday. I’ve delayed the release of the 4th videoKast by a few days so that I could get some footage of someone other than myself for the next episode. It’ll be worth the wait!

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