Strapping on my shinguards, I decided to attempt something I’ve always wanted to do. Yesterday was my first attempt at rail riding on my unicycle. A few months ago I bought a used skate rail from the salvation army thinking it would be good to practice on, yet I haven’t had the time to do it. I finally took it out yesterday, set it up in my garage and held on to my jeep to see how it would go. Just to clarify, when I say rail riding I don’t mean grinding, I actually mean I’m trying to pedal while my tire is on the rail. This one is really low to the ground so I wasn’t too worried about a bad wipe out. I did pretty good for a first try and was able to ride the whole thing without holding on to anything. The only problem I ran into, rather unforeseen, was that the rail is too short! I can only ride one revolution of the tire before I run out of space. Oh well, at least it’ll help me to build my confidence so I can eventually work up to a nice long one that’s 3-4 feet off the ground. The performance life is so much fun, I’m always working on new things to make my shows that much better.

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