A couple days ago we bought my wife a bicycle and decided to go for a ride. We went down this stretch of road that we go on quite a bit when I noticed that the seat on my unicycle was feeling really weird. I pushed down on the handle and the seat bent in half almost down to the seat post! I knew I had cracked the seat a while ago when I had gone off a jump, but this was way different, it was totally and completely broken. By the end of the ride the seat material had started ripping and it didn’t take too much effort to rip it in half. Needless to say I had to replace the seat and am now trying to break in a new one. I guess it lasted a while (I think I’ve put in around 3-4,000 miles on that seat), but it sure made for an interesting ride. I’ve got a big conference coming up this weekend (Thurs.-Sat.) and they’re using me as one of the give-aways (not me, but one of my shows) for whatever group brings the most people to the conference. It should be fun! Hope you had a good weekend.

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