It’s amazing how fast time flies during the summer. It seems like we just got started and it’s already coming to a close. I’ve had fun performing at camps around the country (but primarily in Texas) and now that I’m home for a bit, I can focus on some world record training. I have been meaning to get on my underwater jump rope training, but have had a hard time getting that done until the last week. A couple days ago we went ahead and did some promo shots for the record (I’m quite optimistic on breaking it) and they came out pretty sweet.

It’s taken me close to a year to get the rope figured out that I will be using for the record. I finally have it all set and the other day I did a 20 minute test and was able to hit 515 jumps. The record is for the most jumps in one hour and the current record is 900. If I can keep my pace (which should be quite feasible) I will be clocking in around 1,500 which would break the current record by 66 percent. Obviously it’s best to not count your chickens before they hatch, but I have a pretty good chance on this one. The one that I’m having a problem with is jumping underwater in my scuba gear.

I’m using a 6 foot rope while jumping in the pool which has worked perfect, even though I do hit myself in the head from time to time with it. However, when I add my scuba gear to the equation, I need a longer rope. I’ve been practicing with an 8 foot rope, but for some reason, that extra 2 feet is killing my speed. Needless to say, I’m working on it.

I will be attempting the underwater records in the relatively near future as I need to get them done while it’s still warm enough out to have a pool open to practice in. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and let’s have a great school year!

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