I am heading to Africa again! I just booked my flight for December and will be helping out One World One Rope with the 4th annual East Africa Rope Skipping Tournament. I wasn’t able to make it last year, but look forward to spending 2 weeks teaching some awesome kids how to jump rope this year! Last time I was there my unicycle was a huge hit with the kids in Tanzania, but this time around I will be spending time in Nairobi, Kenya (I promise I won’t visit any malls, just in case).

Being able to take my jump rope around the world has given me some amazing opportunities. Working with kids that basically live on the streets with practically nothing is quite the eye-opener. They’re so appreciative of the time and energy you put into them, it makes you want to pack up a suitcase full and bring them back with you. I find that their attitude and work ethic is better than almost any kid I meet in the US. Which is exceedingly sad since we have so much here and yet we squander it. Anyway, I can’t wait to get over there and see how they’ve progressed in the last 2 years. If they’ve been practicing as much as I think, I’m going to really have to bring my A-Game to teach them some new skills.

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