A few weeks ago when I met up with Tim Hannig and he was showing Alicia and I some tricks (I also did a quick demo for his kids), we also had the opportunity to sit down and share a number of marketing ideas. We both shared what has worked for us, what hasn’t and what some ideas for the other would be. Networking is important!

It’s funny how often businesses try to operate in secret so that nobody will know what they’re up to. Don’t tell, they’ll steal our ideas…or something along that line. I hate to break it to you, you’re missing out. If you operate in a bubble you miss out on a ton of ideas that could take you further than you could ever go on your own. I’m not saying to meet up with your arch business rival and share a cup of tea and lay out exactly what you’re doing, but try to network with similar people and help each other out. I got some great ideas from Tim that I will be putting into place and I shared with him a few things that have worked for me and it looks like he’s taken those into account.

Back when I was competing, we would go to Colorado every year for the IRSO (International Rope Skipping Organization) camp and championship. The competition was always tense and tough, but the thing we always looked forward to was the camp afterward. We would spend a few days sharing what we had made up that year and learning from others what they were doing. It was a great opportunity to compete, but at the same time learn. I wouldn’t be nearly as good of a rope jumper today if it wasn’t for those years spent at camp. Don’t be afraid to share what you can do. It will help others and you’ll find that you will learn from them and improve yourself. Avoid the secrecy bubble, it will limit your potential.

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