Every once in a while I do a search for jump rope on the internet to see what comes up. Yesterday I was flipping through some pages and came across a news article about the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and jump rope. The quick headline that I saw on the search page said something about spending extra minutes jumping rope to get ready for the show. I quickly read the article and here’s the relevant paragraph.

To prepare, Dutch 23-year-old beauty Kroes, who says she normally eats what she wants because she exercises often, goes on a strict sugar- and carb-free meal plan and spends many extra minutes a day jumping rope. “For other fashion shows you can be skinny, but for Victoria’s Secret, you need definition,” says Kroes, 23.

The funny thing about this…it doesn’t surprise me one bit. I’m sure if you did a research study on top models, you would find that many of them jump rope to stay in the shape they’re in. You can’t get a better workout than jump rope. In this case it’s being used because it tones and defines a variety of muscles, and not just the legs!

Back when I was a competitive jump roper, we used to point at a certain muscle on the forearm and call it the “speed muscle”. I still don’t know what muscle it actually is, but we could always tell decent speed jumpers because this particular muscle was always very well defined on people that were good. If you’re jumping properly, jump rope is a full body workout that is great for your heart as well as your muscles.

Take it from a supermodel, jump rope is the way to get the body you want.

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