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Single Rope Skills | Complete Download


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Learn How to Become One of the Best Rope Jumpers on the Planet Through My Expert Instruction.

It's true, in this DVD I'll show you the skills that made me a 7-Time World Champion. Learn the methods of the pros. Whether you are a novice, intermediate, or seasoned jump roper - this DVD is for you!

Watch and listen as I coach you in the following areas:

Section 1 - Basics
Section 2 - Footwork Skills
Section 3 - Turns
Section 4 - Basic/Intermediate Crossing
Section 5 - Advanced Crossing
Section 6 - Basic/Intermediate Multiples
Section 7 - Advanced Multiple Unders
Section 8 - Rope Release Skills
Section 9 - Power Tricks
Section 10 - Putting it All Together

There Are Other Benefits

Rope jumping is an excellent way to build incredible endurance and coordination. Just ask any of the world's top boxing trainers and fighters. In addition, a rope is just about the most compact piece of training equipment ever thought of. You can carry it anywhere. The only problem with jumping rope is that if you don't know how to do anything other than the basics, it can become very monotonous and down-right boring.

Don't ever be bored again. Learn everything from the basics on footwork to crossing, multiple unders and power tricks, and change the way you look at jump roping forever!

This DVD can and will properly instruct anyone with zero experience from beginner through intermediate and advanced jumping and I am proof of that. I received the DVD and within one 5 minute viewing of the basics section (Section I), I grabbed my rope, sized it as instructed, went outside and skipped 60 revolutions using proper form within three attempts. Later that day, I watched one of the transition tricks for fun, and again, went outside with my rope and performed the move in two tries.

My success in this example is not to show how egocentric I am, but is meant to illustrate the fact that this DVD breaks down every single move in a logical, no nonsense way. The moves have multiple demonstration angles with close-ups of the feet and are presented in literally step by step increments that thoroughly break down every component of every move in correct and logical order/sequence. There is absolutely zero guess work on the viewer's part, and the instructor speaks clearly in a very calm and vocally coherent cadence.

If any of the readers of this review saw me attempt to jump rope prior to watching this video, I suspect that most would laugh out loud at my performance. After starting this video, I doubt anyone would laugh at the skills I have learned in such a short time.

Sean Valencia (California, USA)

Finally - an intro into rope jumping from the very beginning!
Even as a senior and after several injuries i could start doing the preparing exercises and the first jumps thanks to Peters systematic and detailed approach.

Although i am not as talented as the other reviewer, i already learned the first section! You would laugh seeing me doing all the beginning exercises so slowly and carefully, but for the first time i got a kick on it and i am convinced i found a way to step into a new fitness activity, a "workout" and to learn a lot more with this wonderful DVD!

Rainer Wilhelm (Zuerich, Switzerland)

I have it permanently loaded into my PC and refer to it almost daily as I work to learn new skills. Since I have not found a fitness club or trainer in my area that teaches rope skipping skills, Peter's DVD is my virtual "teacher" and I can see that it contains enough content to keep me challenged for many years to come.

My goal is to become very proficient in rope skipping and increase my fitness level and I believe Peter's DVD will help me to accomplish my goals!

Lee Chase (Connecticut, USA)

Learning rope tricks from Peter Nestler is like learning magic tricks from Houdini.

Jon Kraushar (New York, USA)

From the Back Cover:
World Champion rope jumper, Peter Nestler, brings his years of experience direct to you via this comprehensive training DVD. Through detailed instruction you'll be coached by one of the worlds premier jumpers, who will teach you the same skills that have made his motivational program a smashing success around the globe.

Over 3 Hours of Instruction
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