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He was very engaging and the students were thrilled to have him here. They really enjoyed being able to participate


Stephanie Wheeler | Principal
Webster Elementary
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FOX (Finally)

July 31st

I will be jumping on FOX and Friends Thursday morning at 8:35 AM EST. The weather looks good so I shouldn't have the same problem I had the last time I tried to fly out to New York. They were nice enough to cover my hotel this time around (which has turned out to be a 4-Star hotel right next to Central Park so I won't be complaining). Make sure you tune in and send some positive messages to them afterward so they'll be more inclined to get more jumpers on there in the future.
North Carolina this past weekend was awesome. The people there were amazing and the crowds were some of the best I've performed for in quite some time. They were really energetic and it made my life so much easier. I've got to get back to work on some video stuff, there's a ton to do since the new Double Dutch video was shot and I need to get cracking.

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