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I would recommend him to any and all middle schools out there. The program, the jump rope portion of it, very athletic and geared toward getting the kids active and involved in activity.


Kevin Farmisco | Activities Director
Ranchos Middle School
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Spokesman Review

February 10th

Every once in a while a newspaper will show up and do an article on me. Most of the time they're local papers and I rarely get a copy unless I stay close by. However, with the internet it is sometimes possible to find the articles and I just came across one from December when I was in Spokane, WA. You can read the whole article by Clicking Here. The article itself was on a local jump rope club in the Spokane Area, but they did mention me because I performed at one school that was involved with the club. Below are the relevant segments from the article.

Seven-time world champion jump-roper Peter Nestler performed Friday at Balboa Elementary in North Spokane to help that school's jump-rope club keep up momentum.

He told the captivated grade-school audience that he started jump-roping in 1987, when he was in second grade. By the end of third grade, he was a world champion.

Practice and work hard, Nestler said, and "you can do anything you want."

"That was cool," said Jake Healy, a fourth-grader and a member of Balboa's club. Healy says he likes to jump-rope because "it's fun. ... I mostly do it for my muscles and the activity."

Double Dutch in Spokane, WA

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