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Guinness World Records Machine

October 6th

fastest_100_meters_one_foot_guinness_world_records This past year I have really been getting some traction from this Guinness World Records thing. I'll find out next week whether I will be on a TV show that is looking to feature some world record holders (keeping it on the low down until I find out for sure). Today I received an email from Guinness that one of my records is part of their "Fan Choice". VOTE HERE if you would like to support this one (make sure you vote for 'fastest 100 m jumping rope on one leg).
In the description they posted about my record I'm referred to as "a bit of a Guinness World Records Machine". Who wouldn't love that title?

I have been really amazed at how everyone has really taken to being impressed with this. Don't get me wrong, breaking these records takes a lot of work and are hard to do, but compared to winning a world championship...not as hard. In a way it's hard to think back to when I was competing since it happened so long ago, but I do remember the endless hours that we spent perfecting routines and running speed drills. I remember the countless mistakes and having to start over because one person was being just a little lazy. Winning a world championship is hard work. You only get one shot, no do overs and if you lose, that's it until next year.

The Guinness World Records are definitely hard to do, but the nice thing is that you can try again tomorrow. Or the next week (or whenever you can convince your judges that they should give up an hour to help you again). It's a different animal altogether.

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