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Guinness World Records Time!

August 22nd

Well, it finally came in the mail. I now have my official Guinness World Records plaque which proves that I am "Officially Amazing". But that's not enough, it's time that I set some more records! Tomorrow I will be setting the record for most bum skips in 30 seconds (it's a redo since I found out that the last time I did it, my rope was 2 inches too short...calling a mulligan). I will be setting the record in the very place I learned to jump rope, Glacier Valley Elementary in Juneau, AK! I thought it would be appropriate to set one in the place I got my start. Of course, doing one record in Juneau isn't enough...I will be doing 2 more next week.

I will also be setting a record for running a mile on one foot while jumping rope. This one is going to hurt as I'm not allowed to let my other foot touch the ground at all during the attempt. Thankfully, I only have to beat 34 minutes so that should be pretty easy, but I want to set it at under 10 minutes which will be a challenge (probably going to have an ice bucket ready to go as soon as I stop for my poor shin muscles).

Finally, I will be doing a record next Wednesday for doing the most skips while juggling a football (soccer ball for those Americans who read this). The current record is 31 and I hit 147 a couple days ago so that one should fall in an epic manner! We'll see how things go after a weekend of wedding festivities (my brother is getting married on Saturday), but I'm pumped to bust out 3 more Guinness World Records!

Guinness World Records plaque for unicycle

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