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Busy Summer of Travel

August 8th

This summer has been flying by as I tour around the country performing (and practicing for some new World Records). First off, I found out a couple weeks ago that my record for skipping on the unicycle has been officially accepted by Guinness and I am now a Guinness World Records holder! I'm currently out in Oregon taking a quick break with family before heading up to Seattle next week for the final 5 shows for Steve & Kate's Camp. It's hard to believe that's almost over as I've already performed at 31 locations for them. Busy...

This is the first time that I've worked with performing for so many different locations of the same camp. Steve & Kate have a very interesting idea and philosophy that translates well into a camp setting. Alicia and I were the "show special" for the day, but the campers didn't have to stay and watch. I'm not used to giving the kids an option where they can get up and go whenever they find that I'm too boring. I saw really quick that engagement is the key to keeping them in their seats. Thankfully, this is something I've been able to develop and hone over the years having performed in so many different types of schools.

One thing I found interesting with all the shows is how the questions from the students have changed. I normally get questions related to how did I do that trick, can you do a flip while jumping (still hear this one from time to time), etc. But with these shows, after saying that I am a Guinness World Records holder and I'm training to do 10 more records, almost all the questions were about that. The fact that you can set a World Record really does inspire the imagination.

Anyway, summer is coming to a close here pretty soon and I'm looking forward to another great school year! The picture is with some jump rope coach friends of mine, Jeff and Kandy Lighthall. They coach the Shasta Skippers in Redding, CA and we got to stop in for a few days to see them. I love traveling and seeing new and old friends everywhere.

Jeff and Kandy Lighthall and Peter and Alicia

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