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The day after Peter left our school, I had to purchase 30 more jump ropes for the playground as every student at school wanted to jump rope at recess.


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Summer Time!

May 28th

I'm always amazed at how fast time seems to fly by. It's almost June and I'm still bouncing around the country like nobody's business. Since I set the World Record for jumping on the unicycle, I have been all over the US and flown close to 50,000 miles. Yes, that does make for some quality time at the airport. A few weeks ago I also did a photo shoot for the World Records I'm doing this year, below is one from the unicycle jumping record. So where am I going to be this summer? I'll be hanging with Steve and Kate.

Who? Well, I was contacted a few months ago about performing for a series of summer camps in Chicago, LA, San Francisco and Seattle. After playing around with the dates for a while, we were able to get things put together and I will be performing at 36 of their camps during July and August. Basically, they are a day camp that wanted to offer something engaging, entertaining and educational for their campers. If you've ever seen my show, you'll know that's right up my alley. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea if I'll actually meet Steve or Kate, but I will be performing for their staff and campers. It should be a great series of shows and if you are looking for something to do with your kids, maybe you should check them out.

I also have a number of other venues I will be performing for during the summer. I've got shows scheduled in NJ, KY, MA, LA, IL, TX, CA, OK, OR and then my brother is getting married in Alaska in August so I will be up there for that. Needless to say, it's a busy summer. Oh yeah, I'll also be training for 2 more World Records, but more on those later. I hope you have a great summer and if I'm in your neck of the woods, come by and say hi!

Peter Jumping Rope on a Unicycle

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