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Off to Hollywood

January 8th

On Monday I will be flying out to California to finish off the part I shot before Thanksgiving. I will be sitting in a chair to have my head scanned. Sounds a little weird I know, so let me explain. I was shot as a double for the principal actor, thus I was dressed and made up to look exactly like him. With modern movie making, that isn't enough.

The visual effects department needs to get a perfect anatomical scan of my head and face to help them with their job in post. Basically what they will be doing is that any shot in the scene where they see my face they need to replace it with the actors. Modern CG work uses exact replicas of the actor and to make sure they are removing me properly, they need my head. It should be an interesting experience. I won't actually be in Hollywood as the studio is in Burbank, but I will be close enough.

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