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Peter Nestler gave a thrilling performance that got students excited and engaged. He did a spectacular job of incorporating a positive message about health and perseverance into his show.


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Dunedin, New Zealand Newspaper Article

September 23rd

Here is the news story from Dunedin, New Zealand about a show I did on Monday.

A United States-born world champion skipping-rope fanatic left Dunedin's Brockville School children screaming with laughter and speechless in amazement as he skipped over two people and did multiple jumps on a unicycle yesterday.

Seven-time world skipping champion Peter Nestler interspersed motivational speeches with skipping-rope stunts in his half-hour performance.

His message was simple.

"Anybody can be a world champion, as long as they practise hard."

Mr Nestler is travelling around the country to help the New Zealand Heart Foundation celebrate the 25th year of the school Jump Rope for Heart programme.

After his demonstration he worked with 20 pupils, teaching them skipping-rope skills and getting them started in the activity.

Mr Nestler said he practised for eight to 10 hours every day for a month before competitions.

About 1000 people attended the last world championship.

Brockville principal Ben Sincock said Mr Nestler was "brilliant".

"It was not just the skipping but the messages he kept slipping in."

Brockville School was chosen because it had a big emphasis on health promotion and regularly participated in the Jump Rope for Heart programme, Mr Sincock said.

Mr Nestler will visit Balclutha schools today.

Performing in Dunedin, New Zealand

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