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What is füsed?

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füsed is the brainchild of World Champion Rope Jumper, and Guinness World Records Setting Unicyclist**, Peter Nestler. A unique amalgamation of performance art, this show fuses together various live elements to create one of the most engaging and sought-after programs in the world.

Combining his mastery of rope skipping (which has affectionately brought him the nickname of Rope Master), the athletic prowess of unicycling, the art of poi spinning, glow-in-the-dark ropes, audience participation and motivational speaking, fused is the must-see show for schools.

Peter has performed all over the world since he began jumping rope in 1986. His program has been seen in such countries as Australia, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Cambodia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, South Korea, Sweden, Tanzania, Thailand and Vietnam. He has performed in almost every state in the US and has been seen on television programs such as Fox News and ESPN, as well as worked with Men's Health Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. Due to his expertise in rope skipping he also was contracted to double for Adam Sandler in Jack & Jill for a Double Dutch scene in the movie.

**Peter has the official Guinness World Records record for most skips in one minute on a unicycle (237). He also has 2 additional World Records for the most bum skips in 30 seconds and the most skips in one minute while juggling a football.

Fastest Mile Hopping on One Foot

June 6th

Peter Nestler breaking Guinness World Records for

Is it possible to think that posting another update about another Guinness World Record I broke is getting old? No? I didn't think so. In that case, let me tell you about my 7th world record. If you have been following my record breaking updates, back in December I broke the record for the fastest mile hopping on one foot while skipping rope. While I was training for that one, I was able to break the record for the fastest mile hopping on one foot (without the jump rope). Last week, I definitively broke that record. Check it out below


Brand New Guinness World Records Record

May 14th


Today I had the opportunity to be the first person ever to do a particular Guinness World Records attempt. Back when I was training for the fastest mile on one foot while jumping rope, I thought that more people might be interested in trying a shorter version of that record (let's be honest, who really wants to hop a mile on one foot, that's just crazy talk). So I submitted a new world record idea and they accepted it. Today I met up with my old jump rope coach Mr. Berry and set the bar for this particular record.


Broke My Own Guinness World Record

April 14th

Peter Nestler Setting Guinness World Record for ju

I heard it through the grapevine the other day that someone has been trying to beat some of the Guinness World Records I set last year. One of them definitely was broken (my bum skip record is in need of a redo since it has officially been defeated) and the other one is tentative. I decided to take the challenge head on and break the records again. Since I'm still in rehab for my arm, the bum skip record will have to wait as that particular motion is fairly painful at the moment. The football (soccer) juggling record on the other hand, that one I can still do! I have been doing a bit of this during my shows lately so I haven't lost the rhythm. In fact, it only took me 3 days of practice to not only get back to where I was before, but bypass it!


Fighting My Way Back

March 28th

Peter Nestler fighting back

This year is flying by isn't it? I just finished an 8 week tour where I got to travel all around the country performing in lots of interesting places, including my final state, Maine! However, there has been a bit of a cloud that has been hanging over me since the middle of November and now that I'm getting an idea of what to do...I'm fighting back! So what's the deal you ask? Where to begin...


Guinness World Records Sports Vlog

February 3rd

Guinness World Records featured my record for juggling a soccer ball while skipping in their monthly sports vlog. Also, they just approved my record for the most skips in 30 seconds on one foot so I now officially have 4 records!


Another Awesome African Adventure

December 26th

Peter and Amon in Kenya

After umpteen hours in 3 different flying cans, I finally arrived home and promptly went to sleep for 2 days. The last 3 weeks have been an incredible adventure, but I am glad to be sleeping in my own bed again. I have a hard time expressing how impressed I am by the improvement I've seen in the jumpers in the past 3 years. They seem to be the embodiment of the whole eat, sleep, jump idea. Needless to say, I was impressed with the jumpers. But even more so, I am blown away by the connection we're able to make with these kids every time I visit. I made some great new friends (like Amon who is one the funniest, happiest people I have ever met), learned some new skills and once again braved the eating of weird animal parts at the legendary Carnivore.


The People You Meet

December 24th

Peter and Jun Haratake

While I was in Africa, I had a great opportunity to meet some new people. There was a whole group from Seattle (some of whom I have known for years, others were a bit on the younger side and I met them for the first time). Kaitlyn was our only skipper from Canada and we had one guy come in from Japan named Jun Haratake. Jun is in charge of the Fusion competitions in Japan and is very well known and respected in the Double Dutch Fusion world.


World Record Number 6 Falls!

December 4th

peter nestler hopping on one foot guinness world r

Today I finally defeated the hardest record I've been training for! I hopped a mile on one foot while jumping rope. If you've been following my training logs, you know how much I hate doing this, but I can safely say that it's over now! It was 41 degrees out when I headed over to the University of Tulsa to try this one. I met up with 2 assistant track coaches and the athletic operations director. They were kind enough to brave the weather and be my timekeepers/judges. There job was to make sure I didn't cheat. We also had the local newspaper and one of the TV stations. I would love to tell you more, but I've got to pack up and head out to Africa. I'll write some more details while I'm sitting on the plane and post them when I get a chance. Have a great next couple of weeks! I know I will.



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Over the past 25 years I've had many great opportunities to travel the globe performing as a master rope jumper and unicyclist.

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We appreciated the strong emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle and delayed gratification. All things that we're trying to impart to our students about setting goals and living life to it's fullest. Peter hit every one of those with clarity.


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